Upload your Binding of Isaac: Rebirth savegame file and I'll tell you some stats, as well as list missing items and achievements. To see an example, have a look at one of the recently uploaded savegames below.

Tested with savegame format produced by BOIR versions 1.04x and 1.05. Your savegame should start with the string ISAACNGSAVE06R.

Locate your savegame

Savegame files are named persistentgamedata#.dat.

Savegame locations when installed via Steam:

Upload your save

Select a savegame file and hit Upload.

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ae0b79488c06c669181b3a29572763b6 2019-06-05 02:34:18
eaf38bd32ccb5817d29a514e30bb2a42 2019-06-05 02:33:48


Stats are found manually, by playing the game and looking what's changed in the savegame file after each save.

Report any problems by creating an issue on github or by contacting me on reddit, I'm /u/bezdomni

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